Selleys Brick and Concrete Silicone is a neutral (non-corrosive) cure 100% silicone sealant. It is low modulus or can be stretched easily, which makes it ideal for joints which will move significantly such as expansion joints in concrete, and is grey so it will blend in with the concrete surrounds.

Superior flexibility +/- 25% movement capability & up to 500% elongation or stretch.
Superior silicone formulation forms a durable seal which locks out water and which does not shrink when drying.
UV and weather resistant – Immune to the damaging effects of the sun.
Temperature resistance – approximately -60°C +150°C.
Superior adhesion to concrete and fibre cement surfaces.
Low odour so can be used in any environment without discomfort.
25 year guarantee – when used as directed, i.e. for private use and within 12 months of purchase, the product is guaranteed against crumbling, cracking or drying.



Where can this product be used?
joints in brick walls
expansion joints in concrete

Perfect for use on or around:

Expansion joints in concrete.
Can not be painted over.
Not suitable for use in below waterline applications.
Do not use in below ground applications.
Not for use on polyethylene, polypropylene or Teflon. Pre-test plastics before use.

What materials is this product suitable for?
Bricks and mortar
Ceramics and porcelain
Fibre cement
Marble & stone
Many plastics including polystyrene

How to use this product
Throughly clean and dry surface from oil, dirt and grease with Mineral Turpentine firstly and then Methylated Spirits. Allow to dry completely before applying silicone. If there old silicone which needs to be removed, we recommend using SELLEYS SILICONE REMOVER, this ingenous product makes removing old silicone easy.
We also recommend sanding the surface back with a good quality sanding block, such as a ROTA COTA Sanding Block Medium/Course grain, as the silicone will adhere more readily to a scratched up surface.
Ensure you tape both sides of the gap before applying the product. This ensures a neat finish and makes it easier to clean up.
Cut the seal at the top of the cartridge and cut the nozzle at a 45° angle, to the size of the gap opening. Fit the nozzle to the top of the cartridge.
Insert the cartridge into a caulking gun such as SELLEYS LIGHT SPEED Caulking gun. We recommend SELLEYS LIGHT SPEED Caulking Gun, as its new innovative pressure release design reduces the mess which results from run on and stress on your hands, which is critical if you are doing a lot of sealing.
Hold the caulking gun at a 45° angle. Press the nozzle opening against the joint, apply steady pressure to the caulking gun and extrude the silicone sealant forcing the sealant into the gap and move in a pushing motion, along the joint in one smooth action.
For a smooth finish, smooth with a finger dipped in mineral turpetine or for a professional finish use a paint scraper such as a 50mm ROTA COTA Soft Grip Scraper dipped in mineral turpetine.
Excess sealant must be cleaned up before the sealant skins in 5-10 minutes. Wipe excess away with a cloth dampened in mineral turpetine or use a SELLEYS Hand Kleen Wipes. Remove tape before the sealant skins. Clean tools immediately in mineral turpetine.
Avoid smearing on surrounding surfaces, see a handy tip.
The sealant will cure fully in 72 hours. As this point, any unwanted sealant can be removed by trimming with a sharp blade but avoid undercutting the seal.

Handy tips
Tips for Using a Brick & Concrete Silicone Sealant

Ensure you tape both sides of the gap before applying the product. This ensures a neat finish and makes it easier to clean up.
When first applying product, extrude a small amount onto a piece of scrap material to ensure a smooth continuous flow of silicone sealant.
Remove the tape before the silicone sealant skins.
For a better finish complete painting prior to use of the sealant as it can not be painted over.
For a better finish, use a spatula dipped in mineral turpentine or detergent and water to tool off the sealant.
Work in sections that can be completed before sealant skins. Tooling off and tape removal must be completed before skinning occurs or a rough surface may result, so working in sections allows for a better finish.
Keep a pack of SELLEYS Hand Kleen Wipes handy to wipe up any spills and for cleaning any material off the skin before it cures. They are an easy and effective way to keep clean on the job.

Safety tips
Uncured product may irritate eyes. If in eyes, flood the eyes for at least 15 minutes and seek medical advice.
Avoid contact with skin, if contact occurs, wipe off immediately and wash with detergent. It may irritate sensitive skin.
Avoid breathing in vapours.
Ensure you use a well-ventilated area as product releases methyl ethyl ketoxime while curing.
Keep away from children.

Storage and re-use
Store in cool dry conditions, below 30°C
The sealant should be used within 6 months after opening.
After use keep the nozzle on the cartridge
Silicone is a reactive product and is designed to cure once exposed to humidity. While the product may be stored for a few months once opened, it does have a limited shelf life. Storage in an upright position in a cool dry place is recommended to maximise the storage life.
If the sealant is going to be used again within a few days, leave the nozzle on and merely extrude approximately 2 cm of product before storing the cartridge upright. This will cure to a plug which can easily be pulled out when required.
For longer storage periods, leave the nozzle on and place a piece of plasticene or Blu Tack over the end of the nozzle. Tightly tape a piece of aluminium foil over the whole nozzle to exclude any air.
When you want to re-use the product, simply take off the foil and plug from the old nozzle pull out the excess silicone from the nozzle with a corkscrew, then re-pierce any cure at the tip of the cartridge and re-use.
If cure has taken place into the cartridge, the product is unlikely to be in a useable state and should be discarded.


SKU 9300697114983
Barcode # 9300697114983
Brand Selleys
Shipping Weight 0.4000kg
Shipping Width 0.100m
Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.100m
Shipping Cubic 0.000500000m3

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