About Us

Glues Australia is the best online retailer of Glues in Australia. Our wide range of products and our comprehensive website allows our customers to find the right products for the right applications. We focus our knowledge and expertise on Glues, Adhesives, Sealants and Fillers, so you can find your products in an easy and interactive way by selecting the areas of application, Type of Materials, Types of Adhesives, Surface Fit, Type Of Bond, Environment, Temperature resistance, Brand, Manufacturer, price, etc.
Glues Australia provides exceptional products for both DIY and professional use throughout Melbourne and Australia.

As a fully registered Australian business, we take pride in offering our products exclusively to fellow Australians. We also take special care to protect our customers. Your privacy and peace of mind is our number one concern. For those who require invoices for business claims and expenses, we provide this service as well.

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