3M™ Panel Bonding Adhesive (PN 08116) is a two-part epoxy designed to bond non-structural outer body sheet metal such as, but not limited to, quarter panels, roof panels, van sides, box sides and door skins

Product Uses Bonding steel, aluminum, SMC and FRP (fiberglass) to themselves or each other.
Use with the following applicators: PN08117 (manual), PN 09930
(pneumatic). 3M™ Mixing Nozzle, PN 08193 (6/bag), PN 08194 (50/box).
For professional use only. Not intended for retail sale.

The following times have been determined with ambient air temperature and
substrate temperature @ 70°F and are considered typical values.
90-120 minutes
6 hours
24 hours

1. Wash surface with soap and water to remove water soluble contaminants. Follow the soap and water wash with an appropriate VOC compliant product for removal of surface contaminants.
2. Remove all rust, primer and paint from the areas to be bonded or welded using a Scotch-Brite™ Clean & Strip Disc or 3M grade 50 Grinding Disc.
3. Straighten all metal, and “dry-fit” the parts.
4. Clamp the part in place and check for fit and alignment.
5. Remove the panel from the vehicle. All areas to be welded should be coated with 3M™ Weld-Thru II Coating (PN 05917) according to the directions on the can. Adhesive should not be applied to these areas.

6. Place an adhesive cartridge in the applicator gun.
7. Remove the retaining collar and plug from the end of the cartridge. Discard plug, but save the retaining collar.
8. Before attaching a nozzle, “equalize” the cartridge by dispensing just enough product to be sure that both parts A and B are present at the outlet.
9. Attach a 3M™ Static Mixing Nozzle to the cartridge and lock in place with the retaining collar.
10. Dispense a small amount of material through the mixing nozzle onto a disposable surface and discard.

11. Apply an adhesive bead to all bare metal surfaces of both pieces to be bonded. Using a plastic spreader or acid brush, tool out the adhesive to cover all bare metal surfaces.
12. Apply a 1/8" diameter adhesive bead approximately 1/4" from the inside edge of the replacement panel.
• Quarter Panels: Adhesive should be applied to the lower edge, the wheel opening, the door jamb areas of the quarter, and at the factory seam of the sail
panel. 3M suggests that the rear vertical portion of a quarter panel should be welded. It is acceptable to bond the rear vertical portion of a quarter panel, if recommended by the OEM. Additionally, most OEM’s only recommend full panel replacement. Should you perform a belt cut on a sail panel, 3M recommends welding the belt cut to ensure optimal cosmetic appearance. All areas to be welded should be sprayed with 3M™ Weld-Thru II (PN 05917).

Do not apply adhesive to these areas.
• Roof Panels: Adhesive should be applied around the perimeter of the roof anel. To replace the factory-applied NVH foam/spacer between the roof bow and the roof panel, use one of the following: 3M™ Urethane Seam Sealer (PN 08360, PN 08361 or PN 08364), 3M™ MSP Seam Sealer (PN 08369 or
PN 08370), or 3M™ NVH Dampening Material (PN 04274) to the roof bows as needed.

• Door Skins: Adhesive should be applied to the hem flange area. To replace the factory-applied NVH foam/spacer between the intrusion beam/s and the
door skin, use one of the following: 3M™ Urethane Seam Sealer (PN 08360, PN08361 or PN 08364), 3M™ MSP Seam Sealer (PN 08369 or PN 08370),
or 3M™ NVH Dampening Material (PN 04274) to the intrusion beam/s as needed.
13. Clamp the panel in its proper position.
14. Tool any adhesive “squeeze out” to seal the outside of the seam all along the bonded edge of the panel.
• Caution: The adhesive is combustible. Keep any MIG welding a minimum of two inches from the adhesive. As with any welding operation, keep the appropriate fire extinguisher within reach, and be alert to any smoke or flame that may be present. Resistance spot welding through uncured adhesive is
15. Spray the inside of quarter panels, interior cavities, and any welded seams with 3M™ Rust Fighter-I (PN 08891 or PN 08892).
16. Clamps may be removed after six hours at 73°F. Parts will need to remain clamped longer if the temperature is below 73°F and/or if there is any tension
on the part. The cure time may be accelerated by applying heat with a heat gun or lamps.
17. Allow 24 hours at a minimum of 73°F before returning vehicle to service.

CLEAN-UP: Unmixed material may be cleaned from most surfaces with an appropriate VOC compliant product. 

Storage and Handling When stored at the recommended conditions in original, unopened containers, this product has a shelf life of 24 months from the date of manufacture. Store at room temperature. Rotate stock on a “first-in-first-out” basis. After use, leave the mix nozzle in place to seal the cartridge.


SKU 051135081167N
Barcode # 051135081167
Brand 3M
Shipping Weight 0.5000kg
Shipping Width 0.100m
Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.050m
Shipping Cubic 0.000250000m3

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