Selleys FlameFlex is a fire and acoustic rated sealant with outstanding product performance.

Fire rated up to 4 hours according to AS1530.4#
Complies with BCA acoustic requirements#
Superior UV resistance
Suitable for interior and exterior use
No primer required before painting
Adhesion to wet or damp surfaces
Better curing (>5°C)
Paintable with water-based paints after product skins in 60 to 90 minutes (apply paint within 12 hours of sealant application)
Low VOC – so can be used in any environment without discomfort

Where can this product be used?
Perfect for use on and around:

Sky lights
Expanding joints in concrete

What materials is this product suitable for?
Cement sheeting
Ceramic tiles
Most plastics (Pre-test before use. Not for polyethylene, polypropylene or Teflon.)

How to use this product
Ensure substrates are clean and free of oil, grease or loose particles.
Cut seal and nozzle and fit to the cartridge, then place in the caulking gun.
Hold caulking gun at 45 angle and gun sealnt ahead of nozzle ensuring product is pushed into joint.
For neat joints, use masking tape on both sides of the joint and remove before skinning.
Tool with a soapy solution before skinning occurs. For optimal joint design, use non-absorbent backing material (e.g. polyethylene backer rod) and appropriate joint width/depth. See technical data sheet for more information.

Storage and re-use
Product has a 12 months shelf life when stored unopened, in dry and cool conditions
Use within 6 months after opening

Clean up
Uncured sealant can be removed with Mineral Turpentine

Safety tips
Not suitable on polyethylene, polypropylene or Teflon.
Cure excess product before disposal.
Avoid skin and eye contact and inhalation of vapour. If in eyes, wash out immediately with water. If skin contact occurs, wipe off immediately and wash with running water.
Ensure use in a well ventilated area.
Additional information is provided in the Safety Data Sheet.

Product Information
Selleys FlameFlex™ is available in Grey in a 435g cartridge.

This fire and acoustic rated joint sealant has high UV resistance and can be used indoors and outdoors on most surfaces.
External and internal, non-trafficable control joints in concrete, masonry, AAC and brick fire rated construction. Acoustic sealing between most common building materials such as concrete, masonry, aerated concrete, plasterboard, fibre cement, metals, timber and plastic as part of a suitable design.
Installation over a wide temperature range
High UV exposed applications

Technical Features
 Fire rated up to 4 hours according to AS1530.4
 Complies with BCA acoustic requirements
 No primer required
 Adhesion to wet surfaces
 Better curing (>5°C)
 Non-bubbling
 Better extrudability (>5°C)
 No slump
 Paintable
 Low VOC
 Halogen free
 Isocyanate free

How To Use
The following should only be used as a guide and the installer should apply all Australian Standards, BCA/NZBC requirements, and best practices when using FlameFlex™.

Surface Preparation:

Ensure surfaces are clean and free of oil, grease, release agents, dust or loose particles. Porous surfaces should be prepared by grinding, brushing, wiping with cloths or blowing off with oil-free compressed air. Any laitance should be removed from concrete- based surfaces.
Non-porous surfaces should be free of scale, rust or oxides and can be degreased with a solvent such as MEK, acetone or mineral turpentine. Some degreasing solvents may leave a residue that should be removed.
For neat joints use masking tape on both sides of the joint and remove before skinning Joint Design: Refer to separate section.
Cartridge: Cut tip and attach nozzle. Insert in the caulking gun.
Cut nozzle to the size required for joint.

Application: Extrude sealant smoothly into the joint, while ensuring that all substrates are well wetted out with sealant.
Curing: The sealant cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture; therefore cure rate is dependent on humidity, ambient temperature and joint size. Typically, the sealant will form a thick skin within 24 hours and full cure can be expected after 7 days.
In dry or cool conditions the sealant cure will be longer.
Painting: Paintable with water-based paints after product skins (60 – 90 min). Allow longer times before painting in colder weather. Paint within 12 hours of application.
Solvent-based paints may be used after first painting with a water-based paint. Due to a large number of paints and varnishes available, a preliminary test of compatibility is recommended.

Joint Design
For fire rating, joint width should be between 20mm and 40mm. Minimum joint depth should be 10mm or half the width for joints wider than 20mm. 

A tight-fitting non-absorbent, non-adhering backing material should be used to ensure the correct dimensions and prevent three-surface adhesion. Suitable materials include open cell foam backer rod or bond-breaking tape. 

Clean Up
The uncured product can be removed with mineral turpentine.
Cured product can be removed by mechanical action. Use Poly Cleaning Wipes to remove sealant from the skin.

Handy Hints
In dry conditions, surfaces can be misted with water to speed up cure.

Not for permanent water immersion or below water-line use Not suitable for use on polyethylene, polypropylene or


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