How to Quickly and Easily Fix Loose and Hollow Tile and Wood Floors

Author: Alex V.  Date Posted:15 August 2018 

Don't spend a fortune fixing your floors, just drill and fill with Fix-a-Floor


Quick and Easy Fix to Loose and Hollow Tiles

Hollow and squeaky sounds on a floor can be annoying. The thought of spending time and finances on tile experts is draining. Usually, the experts will have to find a matching tile for replacement. It is costly to repair a floor whether it is tiles, wood, porcelain, marble or stone. Before you think of contacting the nearby experts, consider DIY measures. It is less than an hour’s job; you only need to spare some time and shop for the best materials for repairing your floor.

Floors get damaged due to various reasons. The primary cause of hollow and squeaky floors or tiles can be poor drainage and construction on the foundation. It is important to work with professionals when thinking of any form of construction. Penetration of water and any form of moisture can accumulate and damage the floor. Also, the location of your house has everything to do with the stability and durability of your floor; different regions have different sand types. Again, professionals will help in identifying the best place for construction to avoid future problems with floors.

Nevertheless, floor damage is a common problem. It might be a minor tile-fixing error or a major problem in the foundation. Whichever the cause is, Fix-a-Floor is a viable solution to your damaged floor. There are no special skills required for repairing tiles with this new technology; all you need is little drilling to fill up the hollow space. It gives your damaged tiles a new look.

What is Fix-a-Floor?

Nothing beats Fix-a-Floor in quick and cheap floor repairs. Fix-a-Floor is a repair liquid adhesive. It is all about drilling and fixing. It is more than glue because of its adhesive capability; it ties sand to ceramic or wood. It is a new technique in the construction industry for quick and effective repairs. If you don’t want to spend a fortune and have a damaged floor in your house, here is a solution! You might not believe this but fix-a-floor works with underfloor heating too; nothing compromises on its adhesive capability.

Why is Fix-a-Floor perfect?

First, it is the most affordable option for floor repairs. It is readily available at Glues Australia at super affordable prices. It is enough to fill up the hollow spaces and stop squeaking as you walk around the house.

The only other option for an effective and long-term repair is engaging professionals, which is very expensive. Engaging a repair company will not only cost you money but also time; it might need digging and replacement of the tile.

Fix-a-Floor is quick. You only have to drill the ceramic and fill-up the spaces. This can be done any day; you can roll up your sleeves on one evening after work and get it done. The drilling and filling process does not take more than 30 minutes. As long as you have a driller, consider it done. We are all busy, and there is barely time for such inconveniences; instead of living in an unpleasant environment because of time restrictions, Fix-a-Floor offers you a quick fix and effective solution.

Also, Fix-a-Floor is reliable. Once you drill and fill the hollow space with enough of its substance, consider it done for a lifetime. With Fix-a-Floor it is no worries; whenever a problem surfaces on your floor, just drill and fill.

Fix-a-Floor dries within 24 hours. No traces of glue or fixing will be seen on your tile. Once you are done filling up the hollow space, apply little pressure on the tile to ensure the two materials are tightly fixed. The glue does not expand or foam; you don’t have to wear any special clothing to fix your floor.

Glues Australia is the exclusive and official distributor of Fix-a-Floor in Australia.

How to fix a loose tile

  1. Tap squeaky floor with a broom handle or any wooden handle to identify the exact area you need to fix. Listen carefully and mark the perimeter with chalk or tape.
  2. Use a drill to make holes around the grout between tiles. Do not drill into the unaffected tile. Also, do not drill too deep to the subfloor, you might cause more harm. Once you hit the grout line, you will feel the tiles releasing, which should be enough of drilling. The wider the holes, the easier the filling process; however, this depends on the spacing between tiles.
  3. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck excess air, dust, and any form of debris from each of the holes. Tap lightly to loosen any hidden debris before sucking.
  4. Insert Fix-a-Floor tube into each hole and start filling.
  5. Clean any excess product with a moist sponge before it dries
  6. Put pressure on the repaired tiles with a bucket full of water for at least 24hours
  7. Allow it to dry. All Done!

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